4 Things We Want You to Know About Life Insurance

4 things we want you to know about life insurance.

As insurance advisors, we hear a lot of misconceptions about life insurance. Many people think that there is a certain age to get life insurance, that it’s expensive, or that it’s hard to obtain. Let us explain some of the things we wish people knew about life insurance.

1. Life insurance can seem very intimidating but it can be simple with the right guidance.  

We look at your budget and the benefits that you want, and use this information to find a good source of coverage at a reasonable price.  

2. Life insurance through your employer simply isn’t enough.  

It can be an affordable option, but coverage often ends when you end your employment with the company. If your health declines by the time you end your employment, it can make coverage more expensive and harder to find.  

3. It’s best to get life insurance when you’re younger to help you plan for your future. 

 Life insurance is typically cheaper the younger you are, and if you want to leave money behind for family or final expenses it’s best to plan ahead. 

4. Most people aren’t aware that you can add benefits to help protect you if you become ill or need assistance later in life. 

 Most policies have an option for you to add an accelerated death benefit rider. This means that if you become ill later in life and need assistance, they’ll release a portion of your policy early to help pay for any medical expenses or any care that you may need. This money can also help to support you if you are unable to work.  

Life insurance done right is not expensive! It can set up your future so that you and your family are taken care of.  Give us a call and let’s make sure you’re protected.  


A little more about The Agent Insurance Services…

The Agent Insurance Services is a full-service independent insurance agency. This allows us the ability to offer a full range of protection such as home and auto insurance, commercial insurance, and life insurance to all of our clients. To put it simply, we make sure our clients have the same coverages we have. Why would you want anything less? Our exceptional team of “Protection Advisors” offers professional advice and service you can afford. Please call us and tell us what is important to you. We’ll do the rest.

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