As soon as your young driver’s gets a permit, you should call your agent. They will be added to your policy as a non-rated driver. This means there is coverage if they are involved in an accident but you are not charged for them being listed on your policy.

Once they have their license, they have to be listed on your policy or they could be ticketed for driving without insurance.

If a new teen driver isn’t added to a policy and gets in an accident, ERIE typically covers the claim. However, you may be charged back premium from the time when the teen driver became licensed and should have been added to the policy up to the present time.

If the vehicle they are driving is titled in their name, many companies require they have their own policy. It is usually less expensive to keep the car in your name and add your young driver to your policy for the first few years.

Teen drivers are typically more expensive to insure than adults. In order to keep costs down you may want to buy an older car that only needs liability coverage or raising the deductibles on a car that requires full coverage.

As a parent or guardian, you play a big role in helping your teen drive responsibly. Take the time to talk with your teen about the importance of driving safely and avoiding distracted driving, but even more important, set a good example. If your child sees you texting and driving or engaging in other forms of distracted driving, it’s harder to convince them that these are unsafe practices.

If you have a teen drive in your household and have questions about your auto insurance, give our office a call.

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