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We have a dedicated Claims Specialist to help you through your claims during office hours. Call or email Ramona Walters if you have questions on a possible claim or a pending one. We follow up until your satisfied.


Debbie Huck

Dear Agent Insurance Company,

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done. My daughter and I were in an accident on a very busy highway. We were terribly shaken up. We had never been in an accident before so we weren't sure what to do. I called your local office first and the person who answered guided me to my next call. We were treated so well throughout the entire process. EVERY SINGLE PERSON I spoke to asked is everyone ok FIRST!! That meant so much to me. One person's response to that question was, as long as everyone's ok then everything else can be handled. He was absolutely correct!! Everything went so smoothly from towing our cars, to getting the car repaired, to getting our refund quickly to purchase another car.

I feel your insurance company made this accident as painless as possible. We appreciate your attention to details, your promptness, and most importantly for your compassion.



Cindy Kohn

I would like to take a moment to give thanks for Ramona. She has been a life saver to me these last couple of years. She was patient with me and I think she understood what I was going through, financially. So because of that Miss Ramona, found better policies at better prices. Do you believe it??? The previous company I had, really did not want to be bothered, especially to save me money. It makes a person not want to trust insurance companies. But that was not my situation. I have never had a relationship with my agent , like I have with Miss Ramona. How could you not when they are saving you money, especially in this day and age. I could go on and on about Miss Ramona and it would be all positive. She is truly a good person.


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