Tax season: The most wonderful time of the year (for hackers!)

Keep your tax refund out of the wrong hands!

Why is my insurance agent talking to me about the IRS?

Well, I’m not really, but it is tax season and unfortunately, that can bring
out scammers that are trying to get your personal information. I’d like to help you prevent that and/or help
you if it does happen to you.

Be careful, don’t give out your personal information, such as: bank account
numbers, social security number or your birth date unless you know who you are
talking to.

Your Caller ID may say a phone call is from the IRS but the IRS will only contact you by mail.

Another way to protect yourself is by having an endorsement on your
homeowner’s policy. If you should fall
victim to an identity thief, Identity Theft Protection can help by providing
lawyers to help you restore your good name.

Give us a call to make sure you have this important coverage on your policy.

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