Water Lines Burst. Am I Covered?

It depends.

We recently had a claim for a water leak due to a pipe that had frozen and burst. Once the water thawed, she had a leak. This incident happened in a rental home which was currently between renters. Unfortunately, the heat had been turned off which is what lead to the frozen pipes. There was no coverage for the damage as the policy states that the heat must be left on to in an attempt to prevent the pipes from freezing. Of course, occasionally, pipes freeze even when the heat is left on. If the heat had been on, the claim would have been covered.

Your insurance company expects you to take reasonable steps to prevent claims. If your 20 year shingles are 30 years old, go ahead and replace them before there is a leak. In a case like this one, some companies will pay for the water damage but not the roof as it should have already been replaced. Some companies will not pay for any repairs because the water damage would not have occurred if the roof had been in good condition.

Be proactive and keep up with the maintenance on your home and know what your policy says. If you’re not sure what your policy requires, call us. We’d be happy to review your policy with you.

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