What Happens When Your Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Self-Defense Shootings

Gun ownership is a very serious responsibility. Most licensed gun owners are conscientious and informed about gun laws and their rights and responsibilities under those laws. Many people own guns as a means of protecting their family and property. But even the most responsible gun owner can be faced with an unfortunate incident that leads to a lawsuit or even criminal charges. The costs to defend yourself in either case can decimate your finances.

There is an increasing need for gun owners to protect themselves after accidentally or purposefully discharging a firearm, even in an act of self-defense.

Protection Options for Gun Owners

Gun owner insurance is actually a variety of insurance products developed specifically for gun owners. You may encounter it under names like concealed carry insuranceCCW insurancepersonal firearm protection insuranceself-defense insurance, or stand your ground coverage. The name of the product is far less important than knowing what it covers, and what it does not. It is important to assess the type of coverage you might need, and find the product that gives you peace of mind.

Most gun owners are interested in policies that protect them in cases of self-defense and accidental discharge, so most of the policies offered will fall under names like concealed carry insurance or self-defense insurance. The likelihood of being involved in such an event is very low, so the coverage is typically very affordable—perhaps only $150 to $600 per year depending on the plan you choose.

Why Do You Need Concealed Carry Insurance?

Insurance of any kind is designed to protect you from the unexpected. If you are forced to use your licensed firearm in self-defense, chances are it is just the beginning of a very serious set of circumstances. Even if you acted lawfully, you can be charged with a crime and forced to prove that you acted legally and within your rights to defend yourself or your property. You will need to hire an attorney, and if the case goes to court you will accrue a mountain of legal bills. Regardless of the outcome, defending yourself will be very costly.

Even if you are not charged with a crime, or if you are cleared in criminal court, you may still face a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for bodily injury or property damage caused by your gun. An accident or the act of defending yourself or your family could leave you with a seemingly never-ending pile of legal bills and related expenses.

Insurance companies and gun owners have recognized the need for an insurance product that can help protect you from the costs associated with criminal charges and civil lawsuits that result from the use of a firearm. Insurance products and legal service subscriptions are available that can help you pay your defense and other costs related to the following types of gun incidents:

  • Self-defense
  • Negligent or reckless discharge
  • Unlawful personal firearm use
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