Spring Lawn Care Tips

After the long winter, most of us are excited to get back outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. Here are a couple important tips and projects you can tackle one the weather cooperates.

Tune up your lawn mower.

Change the oil, air filter and spark plug. Clean the top and undercarriage removing dirt and grass clippings. Replace the mower blade and purchase an extra one.

Spring yard cleanup.

Walk over your yard and remove any twigs, branches or other debris. Once the lawn has dried out, you can lightly rake the brown, winter matted areas. This will help promote air movement and speed the recovery of these areas.

Repair winter damaged areas.

Driveway edges normally get damaged from snow removal over the winter. This is already the most susceptible area of your lawn for weed development, so repairing these areas will help prevent this problem. If you use bagged topsoil to top-dress these areas, you can expect quicker germination of the seed you plant into these areas.

Edge and freshen your mulch beds.

Early in the spring the soft soil makes edging beds easy. Layout your edging plan and use a straight string to follow to assist in cutting a nice straight line. You can use a sharp spade shovel to cut and remove the grass. Place this debris into a wheel barrel to use it elsewhere to fill in low spots or create new planting beds. You can rent a small rototiller to carefully run through your mulch and freshen it up.

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